May 24, 2024

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Warning! The algorithm is being refined, with the most recent update implemented on October 3, 2023.

Avg. Vol.
AI Strategy Perf.
AI Outlook
AAPL 189.98 63M 19.38% Avoid
Apple Inc.
AI 24.03 5M 68.57% STOP Inc. Class A
AMD 166.36 61M 47.30% Avoid
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
BTC-USD 69172.18 32B 77.59% Hold
ETH-USD 3753.95 16B 84.96% Hold
F 12.16 49M 33.39% Avoid
Ford Motor Company
FFIE 1.16 96M 3947.56% Avoid
Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.
GFI 16.05 4M 63.51% Avoid
Gold Fields Limited American Depositary Shares
GME 19.00 22M 412.55% Avoid
GameStop Corporation
GSAT 1.13 4M 50.95% Avoid
Globalstar Inc.
HMY 9.25 7M 73.75% Hold
Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited
NIO 4.83 57M 69.36% Avoid
NIO Inc. American depositary shares each representing one Class A ordinary share
NUTX 0.75 300K 58.53% Avoid
Nutex Health Inc.
NVDA 1064.69 49M 102.19% Hold
NVIDIA Corporation
RIG 5.77 18M 39.96% Hold
Transocean Ltd (Switzerland)
TSLA 179.24 96M 53.56% Avoid
Tesla Inc.

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